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About The Betterment Project

"Your resources – people, time, and money – are the most critical pieces of your business. Let’s collaborate to take better care of all three.”
Business Philosophy

The Betterment Project was designed to empower. We wholeheartedly believe with the right approach and accountability, you can accomplish anything. Our business was not only founded but is continually fueled, by the following three concepts:
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Strength comes from the moments you stand up for what you truly want by making choices that align with that

Balance is found in the optimal intersection of holding on and letting go.
Purpose is where your passion meets your contribution to the world.

Everything we do and all we aspire to be is reflected in our coaching. Work with people who love what they do and you will not only feel the difference, but you will see the results. 


Integrative approach.

We focus on the connection between the people and the organizational performance. Everyone gets engaged in the improvement process. When you build long-lasting personal strengths in people, you remove barriers and elevate your organizational vibe.

Inspire and be inspired

You inspire us. Deciding that it’s time to UP YOUR GAME means you’re ready to leave your comfort zone behind. This is a major step in the right direction and we are committed to your continued journey.

Long-term solutions.

Our road is paved with perseverance and a positive attitude. Your results are achieved through what you do every day, not what you do once in a while. Our methodology sets you up for success with a series of coaching engagements so that your goals become your reality.

Recent Successes
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Bridgette has a passion for improvement. 
No matter what it is, the goal is the same: MAKE MEASURABLE PROGRESS. 
Bridgette Boucha, CPA
CEO, The Betterment Project
As an experienced C-level financial executive, Bridgette understands that the effectiveness of your organization is determined by the effectiveness of your people. There is no way around this; you must work right through it. As a seasoned leader, speaker, and strategist, she thrives most in coaching others. Every role to date, from financial executive to health & fitness coach, has come together to better serve, engage, and elevate people. Her dynamic and engaging approach will be refreshing and effective in helping you realize your potential.


  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Assimilation
  • Financial Assessment
  • KPI Development
  • Efficiency Specialist
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Wellness Consulting
Here are just a few of the industries we are proud to serve.
Financial Services
Commercial real estate
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