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Wellness Coaching

You can DO better if you FEEL better.


The Betterment Project provides full-service facilitation of Corporate Wellness Programs for your employees, no matter the geographic location, travel schedule, or fitness level. Everyone has the same shot at improving their well-being, as it should be.

What problems do we solve?

Most programs are short-term and provide very little long-term incentive or guidance. Our programs set employees and their households up for long-term success. It took years to build your existing habits so we can’t expect to change them in just a couple weeks. Whether we achieve this through recommended, proven workout programs, a revolutionary lifestyle nutrition program, or both, you’ll have a coach and an accountability partner through it all to help you experience the best kind of change around – behavioral change!

How is our service different?

We get it! As a former executives, we know the business environment quite well and have made it our mission to improve the health & wellness of employees in order to maximize quality of life, both inside and outside the office. When passion meets business, great things happen!

Why should you care?

Investing in the health of your employees will pay you back every time. 
 Statistics show that healthier employees exhibit higher:
Job Satisfaction
Your resources – people, time, and money – are the most critical pieces of your business. 
 Let’s collaborate to take better care of all three. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Although we take pride in living up to high expectations, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Read our client case studies and testimonials on the benefits The Betterment Project brings to them.

Ready to jump to the next level?

Inquire about individual or group coaching here.

  • Wellness Consultation and Planning
  • Program and Challenge Administration
  • Coaching , Tracking, and Reporting
  • Structure, Accountability, Enthusiasm, and Results!